Sherman Oaks Dual Language Immersion School

Keep Students Learning During Summer Fun

Help students retain what they learned in school for a better new school year.

According to the American Educational Research Journal, on average, children lose 17-34% of their previous school year's learning during summer break. However, with access to community resources and the support of parents and other important people in their lives, children can retain more of what they have learned and continue to gain knowledge all year round.

Here are a few resources and ideas that can help your student prevent learning loss this summer.

  • Join a Reading Program. The Santa Clara County Library District is hosting a summer reading program, “Find your Voice”. This is a free program that encourages youth to read in order to win prizes. The summer reading program will continue through July 31. You can learn more by visiting the link,  
    In-person or online access is easier for all CUSD students, because the Campbell public library accounts they have during the school year are good even while schools are closed for summer break. 
  • Play Unplugged Number Games. Research indicates that young children can improve their intuitive understanding of numbers by playing board games that involve counting.
  • Take Trips to Museums, Zoos, and Nature Sites. Don’t merely attend. Help children enjoy hands-on experiences, and engage in family conversations about what they saw and did. Santa Clara County is home to more than 24 parks that offer opportunities to explore and learn. 
  • Try the National PTA-Recommended Readiness Check. It’s a game in which your child answers 3-5 short questions relating to reading and math at their grade level. 
  • Seek More Resources. The National Education Association (NEA) also has resources to assist families and educators during the summer months when youth are at home. These resources can be viewed at 

Our students made some notable gains in the 2022-23 school year. Let’s work together to keep that momentum going!