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Upcoming Events

Parent University/ Universidad de padres

At Parent University, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in educational and informative workshops directed by teachers at Sherman Oaks and Community instructors from different organizations.
  • Engage  with parents, teachers and organization in your community.
  • Learn effective strategies to better support your child at home.

En la Universidad de Padres, tendrá la oportunidad de:

  • Participar en talleres educativos e informativos dirigidos por maestros de Sherman Oaks y otros instructores comunitarios de diferentes organizaciones.
  • Involucrarse con padres, maestros y organizaciones en su comunidad.
  • Aprender estrategias efectivas para apoyar mejor a su hijo(a) en casa.

¡Cuidado de niños y almuerzo GRATIS!


Date/ Fecha: Saturday April 20th 2019/ Sabado 20 de Abril 2019

Time/ Hora:  8:30am to 1:30pm

Place/ Lugar: Sherman Oaks Elementary School

Registrate Aqui/ Click to Register

So Many Opportunities!

There are many opportunities for your children to stay active and have fun while they learn.

Flyers from our school and our community are available online at https://app.peachjar.com/flyers/all/schools/49594.

Information about Mad Science (starts this Friday), CUSD summer programs and more are sent out every week to your email box.

Students Learn Critical Cyber Skills

Savvy cyber use and digital citizenship are focus of after school partnership with San Jose State

“More students than ever have daily access to computers and the internet,” said District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “Teaching them to think more about how they’re engaging with technology is a crucial life skill that our teachers reinforce daily, and the SJSU Cyber Spartans partnership enhances and extends those lessons into the afterschool hours.”

This month, for two days per week, SJSU Cyber Spartans students have been teaching and mentoring Sherman Oaks after school students in grades 4–6. They have been using a new cyber security curriculum that the university students created, with lessons that cover coding, cyber security, and digital citizenship. 

The month-long program culminated this week with a panel presentation from cyber security professionals from Cisco Systems (pictured left) who spoke about their education, their careers and the key skills needed for success: enjoy learning and solving problems, collaborate with others and be willing to work hard, stay curious and challenge yourself to keep learning new things. 

"The kids really like it," Viramontez said. "When students see the relevance of what they are studying and how it can support their aspirations, they become truly engaged in learning.”

Results of Students & Community Feedback Available

We invited parents, students, employees and the community to share thoughts about what we're doing well and where we can improve.

We engage parents, students, employees and the community in developing our Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) so that our decisions and plans are more responsive to our community’s educational priorities. LCAPs describe the school's overall vision for students, annual goals, and specific actions we will take to achieve the vision and goals.

In addition to other important student performance data, we invite input from our stakeholders in a variety of ways, both formal and informal. With a focus on district goals, we use the information to make decisions about programs and to seek added support through community grants and partnerships. As a result of last year’s feedback, some schools added field trips, others added counselors, and still others directed funds to support homework help or art instruction.

A few months ago, we invited parents, students, employees and the community to engage in an online forum, using Thoughtexchange.com to share their own thoughts and rate the thoughts of others about what we're doing well and where we can improve. We were able to receive direct input from thousands of stakeholders.

School administrators are sharing the school-level results with their committees and staff, as part of their planning process for next year. District-level Top Thoughts results are compiled into two interactive reports that appear on our LCAP webpage.

Or download a summary report as a PDF. 
Students Voice - District Summary - 2018-19           
Community - District Summary - 2018-19

Sign Up for Summer Camps

K-5th Grade Summer Camps Now Enrolling

Get ready for the best summer ever!

Each week, our new summer camp experience will offer a well-rounded program that includes Science Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art and Math (STREAM) themed activities, a highlight field trip, a low-light field trip and a fun Friday field day on-site.

Join us for a summer that feels, well, like summer. Register now!