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Upcoming Events

Happy Spring Break

Our school is on spring break from 4/8 to 4/12, and back in session on April 15.

students with "kindness above all" shirts

Sherman Oaks is on Spring Break from April 8 to 12. We will be back on April 15! Have a good and relaxing week off! 

Spring Fling Game Day

Sherman Oaks students enjoyed a morning of math games

students playing games

On the last day before spring break, Ms Lipari and Ms Valdovinos hosted a Spring Fling Game Day in the Multi-Use room. Classes took turns spending time in the big game room, learning and playing math games. Lots of math fun was had!

Sherman Oaks Chefs

Sherman Oaks students win the Campbell Care cooking competition!

students holding winning certificates

Sherman Oaks students have  won the Campbell Care cooking competition 2 years in a row!

We won with Green chicken enchiladas this year. Last year's winning recipe was for beef tortas. Thank you Ms Valerie and Ms Casandra for leading and encouraging our young chefs!

Whenever beef tortas have been on the lunch menu, they went super fast. We are so excited to try the green chicken enchiladas, and hope they are listed on the lunch menu soon!

Congratulations  Sherman Oaks chefs!

Focus on Safer School Zones

State Assemblymember proposes law to slow speeds and improve safety

woman crossing guard holds a stop sign as a couple of children and adults crosse the street marked with wide yellow lines.

A news conference at Castlemont School last week spotlighted the continuing efforts to enhance pedestrian safety around school zones. State Assemblymember Marc Berman introduced Assembly Bill 2583, which would set a speed limit cap of 20 miles per hour in school zones and mandate placing signs indicating the times these lower speeds are in effect.

"Traffic violence is the number one cause of death for California's school-age children,” added Kirsten Bladh, associate director of state policy for Safe Streets for All, who spoke at the news conference.

CA Assemblymember Marc Berman
CA Assemblymember Marc Berman

In reflecting on the tragic traffic accident that took the life of Castlemont student Jacob Villanueva two years ago, Campbell Union School District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez underscored the continuous efforts to improve pedestrian safety around schools. 

“We are grateful to the legislators and government agencies who continue to work on solutions,” Viramontez said. “We are committed to working with them to ensure no family endures such a tragedy.”.

With the community rallying behind these vital safety measures, the State Assembly Transportation Committee will make a decision on the progress of Assembly Bill 2583 at its April meeting. Meanwhile, adults can help by exercising extra caution when driving near schools.

District and Schools to Share Results of Annual Survey

Message from the Superintendent

collage of students with parents at school activities

We want to thank everyone who participated in the annual school experience survey that ended in February. It had the highest participation in three years and provides us with valuable feedback about what is working well and what can be improved.

Please watch this video message for information about how district and school administrators will share the findings with employees, parents and students from late April through the end of May.