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Upcoming Events


Únase a nosotros el 19 de mayo a las 8:30am/ come join us on may 19 at 8:30am

El PTC organizará un walk-a-thon el 19/05/22. Únase a nosotros en este día y anime a nuestros estudiantes. El proceso de voluntariado de los padres todavía está vigente y requiere una prueba de vacunación para que los padres trabajen con los estudiantes dentro del salón de clases. Sin embargo, nos complace anunciar que damos la bienvenida a todos los padres a nuestros eventos escolares al aire libre y no requerirá prueba de vacunación. Este año estaremos recaudando dinero para el Departamento de Atletismo de Sherman Oaks con el fin de construir un programa deportivo sólido para nuestros estudiantes de grado superior. Encuentre la página personal de recaudación de fondos de su estudiante y compártala con amigos y familiares en el siguiente enlace http://www.99pledges.com/fund/shermanoak1.

The PTC will be organizing a walk-a-thon on 5/19/22. Please come join us on this day and cheer on our students. The parent volunteer process is still in place and requires a proof of vaccination for parents to work with students inside the classroom. However, we are happy to announce that we welcome all parents to our outdoor school events and it will not require proof of vaccination.  This year we will be raising money for the Sherman Oaks Athletic Department in order to build a strong sports program for our upper grade students. Find your student's personal fundraising page and share it with friends and family at the following link http://www.99pledges.com/fund/shermanoak1.

Finding Ourselves Around the World / Encontrándonos en el mundo

Friday, May 20 at 7pm/ Viernes 20 de mayo a la 7pm

The Sherman Oaks drama program is happy to present, Finding Ourselves Around the World. This wonderful musical will have songs, dancing and great acting by Sherman Oaks students!

Date: Friday, May 20th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sherman Oaks MU Building
Cost: Free

Tickets are available in the Sherman Oaks front office

El programa de teatro de Sherman Oaks se complace en presentar: Encontrándonos en el Mundo. ¡Este maravilloso musical tendrá canciones, baile y gran actuación de los estudiantes de Sherman Oaks!

Fecha: Viernes, 20 de mayo
Hora: 7:00pm
Ubicación: Sala de Usos Múltiples (MU) Sherman Oaks
Costo: Gratis

Sherman Oaks Staff of the year/ Personal del año de Sherman Oaks

SOaks staff of the year recognized at 5/12/22 school board meeting/El personal de SOaks fue reconocido en la reunión de la junta escolar del 12/5

Please join us in congratulating Yvette Licea as teacher of the year, Maria Contreras Guizar as Classified employee of the year, and Andrea Capela as our volunteer of the year. Maestra Licea has dedicated over 8 years to Sherman Oaks and has been working in Kindergarten to ensure all students succeed and receive the social emotional tools they need to be successful. Maria Contreras is our administrative assistant who works closely with students, staff, and parents who ensure our school runs smoothly and is a positive community where people want to live and come to school. Andrea Capela helps to organize many of our school events that help to provide students with learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Felicidades to the Sherman Oaks staff of the year!

Únase a nosotros para felicitar a Yvette Licea como maestra del año, Maria Contreras Guizar como empleada clasificada del año y Andrea Capela como nuestra voluntaria del año. Maestra Licea ha dedicado más de 8 años a Sherman Oaks y ha estado trabajando en la clase de kinder para garantizar que todos los estudiantes tengan éxito y reciban las herramientas sociales y emocionales que necesitan para tener éxito. Maria Contreras es nuestra asistente administrativa que trabaja en estrecha colaboración con los estudiantes, el personal y los padres que aseguran que nuestra escuela funcione sin problemas y sea una comunidad positiva donde las personas quieren vivir y venir a la escuela. Andrea Capela ayuda a organizar muchos de nuestros eventos escolares que ayudan a brindar a los estudiantes oportunidades de aprendizaje que van más allá del salón de clases. Felicidades al personal del año de Sherman Oaks!

They Came. They Cooked. They Conquered.

Students’ Cooking Competition Yields Tasty Option for Middle School Menu

girl with mask and gloves holding a dish of food

What’s for lunch? Three teams of students in CUSD’s after school Expanded Learning program competed to have their meal be the answer on the school lunch menu. 

It was no cake walk. Teams in the first annual Cooking Competition from Sherman Oaks, Rolling Hills, and Monroe had to collaborate on planning and creating one meal that adhered to the National School Lunch Program guidelines. Their recipes—Chicken Taquitos, Spicy Chicken Ramen, and Mini Burger— were judged for presentation, taste, creativity, and how well the dish could be adapted to the Central Kitchen’s preparation and distribution system.

“Every one of the dishes was delicious,” said Benny Calderon, Manager of the District’s Child Nutrition Department. “The students did a great job and were very thoughtful about using fresh ingredients and using spices for flavor.”

group of students looking proudThe winning dish, Spicy Chicken Ramen, was developed by Monroe’s team, pictured here.  This dish will be featured on the middle school lunch menu before the end of the school year.

This 1st annual CUSD Cooking Competition was hosted by two CUSD departments, Expanded Learning and Child Nutrition, with support from Santa Clara County Public Health, CalFresh, Sutter, and 5-2-1-0 programs.

Boom! Transitional Kindergarten Expands to Younger Students

TK now open to children turning 5 from Sep. 2 – Feb. 2

little boy standing by painting of skyscrapers and fireworks

Today, California children who turn 5 years old between Sept. 2, 2022 and Feb. 2, 2023, can enroll in CUSD’s Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for the school year that begins this August. The expansion is thanks to California’s Universal TK program, which was part of the legislative changes of AB 130. 

Sky-High Potential

Four year olds are pretty smart these days. Still, there’s a lot to learn beyond reading, writing and math. “Doing school” also means learning to self-regulate emotions, taking turns, making friends, thinking critically to solve problems and much more. 

TK is a two-year bridge program between preschool and kindergarten made especially for students who will be turning 5 years old later in the school year. They are taught by credentialed teachers and the program includes lots of hands-on learning, verbal and social-emotional skills. The program is also offered in a full-day schedule similar to Kindergarten, and the legislation also provides for a staffing ratio of 12 students to 1 adult. Learn the Prek/TK/K Difference in CUSD.

While TK/Kindergarten combination classes are allowed, the district is planning to offer a TK-only class at each elementary school. The number of students who enroll in TK will determine the final locations and class offerings for the 2022-23 school year. Visit our website for more Enrollment Information.