School Information

Dual Immersion

Sherman Oaks Elementary is the only school within the Campbell School District that offers a dual language immersion program, English/Spanish K-6th curriculum. Students learn all curriculum in both languages.

In Kindergarten 90% of the instruction is delivered in Spanish and 10% of the instruction in English. Language distribution in first grade is: 80/20; second grade: 70:30; and third grade: 60/40. At every grade level, the amount of English instruction is increased until reaching a 50/50 language balance by fourth grade. Beginning in Kindergarten, all core subjects (reading, writing, math, etc.) are initially taught in Spanish 90% of the time, and English is gradually increased every year. There is no repetition in lessons, no translation of content and the language is learned and practiced through content, the Arts, Science and Music. Teachers deliver monolingual lessons and use sheltering strategies to help language learners at all levels.

Campbell School District, in collaboration with the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) offers the 6th grade students at Sherman Oaks the opportunity to receive the “Biliteracy Attainment Award” during the 6th grade promotion ceremony, if your child meets the requirements set by the SCCOE. The “Biliteracy Attainment Award” supports the State Seal of Biliteracy and is presented to students who are becoming bilingual/biliterate at the 6th grade level. The criteria for 2020-21 include:

  1. Standardized testing (Spring 2019 CST ELA or local criteria)
  2. Spanish Proficiency Test - California Spanish Test
  3. Reclassification (when applicable)
  4. Completion of two portfolio requirements