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Updated Wed, Jun 17th

Ahora que cerramos el año escolar, de una manera fuera de lo normal, estamos muy agradecidos con nuestros estudiantes, familias, maestras, maestros, personal, y comunidad por su flexibilidad y perseverancia durante el último trimestre del año. Trabajaremos arduamente durante los meses de verano para desarrollar un buen plan de instrucción para nuestros alumnos en el otoño. Les invito a ver el video-mensaje de nuestra Superintendente usando este link: y visitar la página web de nuestro distrito para recibir información sobre el Mapa de Planeación para la Reapertura de nuestras Escuelas (Link: )


Por favor haga la mejor experiencia de nuestro verano dentro de estas condiciones. Estamos ansiosos de poder verles en el otoño. Como dice Jerome, “One Love!”


Marco Chavez and Pablo Viramontes 

As we close the school year, in a very untraditional way, we are nothing less than grateful to our students, families, teachers, staff, and community for the flexibility and perseverance this last trimester of school. We will work hard through some of the summer months to ensure we have a strong plan for instruction in the fall. Please watch our superintendent’s video message using this link: and visit our website for detailed information on Mapping our Way to Reopen our Schools (link: ).

Please make the best of your summer during the existing conditions. We look forward to seeing you in the fall. As Jerome would say, “One Love!”

Marco Chavez and Pablo Viramontes 



Updated Wed, Jun 17th

Primer Dia de Escuela Jueves 20 de Agosto 

First Day of School Thursday August 20

Updated Wed, Nov 13th

“After taking this class, I have a goal of learning more about computers. I want to get a job in the medical field or in high tech,” said Yolanda, a Sherman Oaks parent enrolled in the eight-week Digital Life class offered through the Foothill Engagement Institute (FEI). The class is one of several offered to all CUSD parents throughout the year, thanks to our partnership with School Linked Services.

“I have wanted to go to college ever since I joined my son’s field trip to Foothill College,” said Idiana as she shared the digital vision board she created. Her presentation of aspirations and goals for herself and her family was part of the class’ culminating activities.

Their enthusiasm about continuing their education was echoed by the other 20 parents enrolled in the class. Their presentations included what they learned as they explored their hopes and goals about travel, entering a new profession, starting a business, helping their children with school and creating a better life for their families.

“Because of this class, I have more confidence and I want to learn more!” said another parent.

“It’s great for children to see their parents working toward a goal,” said Assistant Principal Pablo Viramontez. “It’s powerful for them to see you wanting to grow.” 

Foothill College Family Engagement Institute creates pathways to college for TWO generations by bridging families, schools and communities to make a critical difference in closing the equity gap. It was founded in 2010 with the goal of giving parents and caregivers the access, tools, and voice to support their children’s education, while also supporting their own educational growth and development.  

"When you include families in the process of accessing and engaging with education, you get better outcomes from students,” said FEI Executive Director Betsy Nikolchev

The next eight-week Digital Life class begins at Sherman Oaks on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, from 8:30am-10:30am. Additional courses are offered at Monroe, Blackford, Lynhaven, Rosemary and parents from any CUSD school may enroll. 

Updated Thu, Aug 8th

Incoming Middle School Parents:

You are invited to attend the Monroe Middle School Transition Meeting for parents of incoming Middle School students on May 29, 2019 from 9:00am-10:30am in the Monroe gym. Invitations have been mailed out. This is an opportunity to meet the new administration team and learn more about Monroe Middle School!

Updated Thu, Apr 25th

We invite you to join us at our ELAC meeting 

When: Monday April 29 at 8:15am

Where: Staff Room 

Topic to be discussed:

Local control accountability plan (LCAP)

State Exams (SBAC)

Language Census Data/ R30 

Updated Wed, Apr 17th

There are many opportunities for your children to stay active and have fun while they learn.

Flyers from our school and our community are available online at

Information about Mad Science (starts this Friday), CUSD summer programs and more are sent out every week to your email box.

Updated Wed, Feb 6th

Please join us and take a tour of the school and receive more information on our dual language immersion program.

Updated Wed, Feb 6th

Book Fair Grand Opening Friday, February 5 from 5-8pm.

Your children’s favorite books will be there for purchases.happy students reading

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Updated Fri, Nov 16th
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It is time to vote for 2 vacant positions on our School Site Council Committee. Please see  flyer below and turn in to the front office no later than Wednesday, October 3rd.
Ballots will follow.

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